What are the differences between Indica & Sativa ?

                     Sativa Indica Differences

If you’ve ever been to a dispensary, watched a weed doc on vice or have that one friend that seems to know EVERYTHING there is to know about weed than you’ve most likely heard the terms “Indica” and “Sativa” as well as hybrids, mixtures etc.  but what do they all mean?  Let’s break them down.  The common understanding and perception is that while Indicas tend to deliver a mellow chill body high, perfect for a nice evening of relaxing in front of the television, ordering a pizza and binge-watching Netflix,  Sativas tend to be far more of a cerebral head high also providing more energy and uplifting effects which tend to lend better to social events ,  parties , gatherings , and more mental oriented endeavors.   While some say they can definitely tell a distinct difference in the strains others may not notice any major differences in the highs at all. The common belief that Sativas and Indicas are such night and day polar opposites means just about any dispensary budtender is going to start off they’re greeting and suggested strains by first asking which of the two you prefer.   Also If you happen to have any past negative experiences with cannabis its pretty common that everyone from budtenders to friends , to strangers you just met and happen to talk cannabis with will also blame it on you using the wrong strain at the wrong time or taking the wrong mix when it was likely simply a dosing issue so just be prepared!  In reality research shows there does not seem to be any substantial evidence that Sativas will always provide an always consistent cerebral experience while indicas always and only provide mellow body highs, like many things Sativa vs indica subject tends to be truths mixed with lore, culture, and exaggeration but the only sure-fire way to know is to try both for yourself and see which you prefer as well as if and  when you prefer them.


While the jury is still out on whether or not  sativas and Indicas provide any consistent distinguishable high from one another it is a widely accepted fact that they look and grow differently from one another,  a distinction useful to cannabis cultivators as that Sativas grow very large approaching seven or more feet while indicas grow much shorter usually only reaching around 3-4 feet tall which is why Sativas are commonly grown outdoors while indicas lend better to indoor and hydroponic applications given theyre ease of storage in comparison.  If you happen to come across a hefty cannabis plant in your back yard and still aren’t confident in whether its a Sativa or indica by the height you can also look at leaf shape and size as Sativas tend to have skinny leaves while indica leaves are much wider and fatter and bushier.  You’ll also tend to find Sativa strains growing in regions near the equator, places like Mexico, Asia & South America while Indicas tend to come out of areas like the middle east and surrounding regions.



These days many classic strains tend to be hybrids, often leaning substantially to one side or the other while others may be a fifty-fifty split of Sativa and India. Many people may prefer a hybrid that may be say 80% Sativa and 20% indica or vice versa if they prefer the effects of one but still want a little of the other.  So much of the cannabis consumption experience comes down to individual experience and makeup as we are all made up differently and experience cannabis differently however if you find yourself visiting a dispensary shop and don’t yet have or know a preference than a quality hybrid like OG Kush is a solid place to start.

A better gauge of effects

Most professionals and cannabis conasiours would agree that a far better and more accurate way to gauge or predict desired effects is to pay attention to or measure cannabinoids like THC and CBD as well as terpenes and consider alternative ingestion methods like edibles, candies, dabbing, tinctures, etc. as the route of admission will also affect the user experience as well.   Cannabis contains hundreds of active cannabinoids but the most prominent and felt are going to be THC and CBD and both have widely different attributes when felt.   People looking for more of a potent experience or a traditional “high” will tend to go after THC heavy strains which also tend to be great for pain relief, depression, anxiety, insomnia, as well as many other ailments.  While Cbd also treats many of the same issues it tends to be far milder and without the psychoactive component and effect that THC gives, for this reason, many strains are balanced out with some CBD that can often relieve any undesirable effects from high THC consumption like anxiety or paranoia, for this reason, CBD is often consumed separately as well or in high amounts when ingesting edibles where RHC consumption can be far more intense than smoking or vaping.



At the end of the day much of your experience will come down to finding your preference from the strains you like, to the dosages your comfortable to the way you like to dose, ie smoking, dabbing, edibles drops, etc.   There is no right or wrong way to enjoy cannabis and there’s no right or wrong strain for any given occasion only what YOU prefer and are comfortable with, so what are you waiting for, get out there and get stoned!


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