Floyd’s – SE 28th

Posted on March 14, 2019
LocationOregon - OR
Status Open now
Floyd’s – SE 28th

A cannabis company you can count on! Featuring $5 eighths $40 ounces all day every day. Formerly TRU Cannabis, we are to be Floyd’s Fine Cannabis! New name, fresh look, same great deals & service!

Additional overview

Floyd’s Cannabis is located on SE 28th Ave in Portland, Oregon and is the premier destination for cannabis enthusiasts. Newly established in the thriving cannabis industry, Floyd’s Cannabis aims to demonstrate their passion for high-quality, carefully curated medicinal and recreational cannabis. This emerging business, though fresh in the market, has already made it clear that it centers on engaging the community, education and unparalleled customer service. They offer a well-stocked selection of high-grade cannabis products and aim to cater to the specific needs of their diverse customer base while strictly adhering to state and local laws. As Floyd’s continues to make strides in the cannabis market, we encourage you to follow them on social media and regularly visit the weeddirectory discussion board to stay updated. There, you’ll find more detailed information about their brand promise, products, and extraordinary service. Be sure to keep an eye out for Floyd’s, as they are a promising newcomer to the vibrant world of cannabis.

Mathieu DupeyrouxMathieu Dupeyroux
21:17 29 Oct 23
My personal favorite dispensary in PDX. Negative reviews complain about inconsistent quality and rude staff. The issue with quality I could understand, but I’ll come back to that later. The issue with staff I absolutely disagree. I haven’t had a single encounter with an employee that hasn’t been friendly and helpful. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty confident that the reviewers who claim to have had rude budtenders, were rude first. Now the quality issue is also solved if you are a half decent customer, as the budtenders will happily give suggestions which haven’t let me down once. On top of this, the prices are the best in town so it’s not really fair to complain that some of their product is sub-par. If you’re a nice person who’s looking to save some money on bud, this is the place to go.
Bee JayBee Jay
00:05 12 Sep 23
I've been going out of my way to Floyd's on 28th, I passed 10+dispensaries on the way. always been great customer service, can't beat the selection and the prices. although unfortunately I had a Miss happen Sunday where I went in looking for a cartridge for my pen and like always they asked what can I help you with and I said I'm looking for a cart. "I need a new cart" I said. when I look and I told her I only had 20 bucks and I asked her about these exiles and she didn't really have any knowledge about thim just said that they are lower end of that company. Then I asked her how much the buddies out the door would be which the ones I'm familiar with I bought many of and I know their cards cuz that's what I'm looking for and but she didn't tell me anything about the exiles being an actual pen. so I bought the axile. turned out to not be a cart at all but disposable vape and I understand the rule about no returns I literally 30 seconds out the door realized what had happened and I was just out 23 bucks. well not out cuz I kept the vape but I'd like to use my pen that I paid $150 for. I just thought she would have at least honored their mistake and I don't spend the much money as your everyday user but I've spent well over $1,000 that store in the years. This isn't a bad review and I don't like trying to shame people or anything but this is just been freaking me all day yesterday and I thought I had to write a review. she was very rude and condescending when I left. when I told her what had happened she just said oh sorry and when I got kind of little flustered she just looked at me said Peace and said it to me like three times she wasn't very nice. I'll still keep going back to the store because I'm not going to let one bad employee ruin it for me. everyoneelse has been good I love the free tacos too.In response to your response I'm very sorry it was called HiFi not exile and you have had free tacos you had a taco stand set up outside and was giving away free tacos. I got two for myself and two for my fiance. shows how I've even been a longer customer than you have been working there. Anyways the reason why I wrote is cuz I ride the bus and I go out of my way to go there. I'm not going to be able to swing by anytime soon I don't normally write these reviews of any kind but it just really was on my conscious. it wasn't that I didn't get my money back I wasn't looking for a money back I thought maybe I could get what I was looking for but it was the attitude of her just saying "peace" to me every time I'd say a word. peace and flip me the two fingers. and I'd start to say something she go "peace" it was just not a good feeling.
Jinx AgapeJinx Agape
01:51 01 Aug 23
This shop is usually one of my favorite spots, mostly because the staff are rad as hell.However recently I've noticed the in-house joints have dropped in quality, the most recent purchase being the worst so far as almost all of my joints looked similar or worse to the one in the picture below and straighting them out leaves large empty pockets so you have to repack the cone entirely.......I know I'm not spending a ton on House rolls but there should still be some minimum acceptable quality.
Chloe AlethiaChloe Alethia
19:44 17 Nov 22
First time in Floyds and It was a great experience! Nice employees and great prices! I don't remember who check my items out but was super friendly and helped me choose some really bomb bud!
Nicholas KeeneNicholas Keene
06:07 26 Jul 22
My review previously pointed out Floyd's illegal roadside signs and I said if they were removed I'd update my rating from one to four stars. Well, you know, I don't see the signs these days so I'm giving Floyd the benefit of the doubt that he picked up the signs. Four stars, Floyd, thank you for advertising responsibly.

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