Posted on March 20, 2019
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JUST IN! GREASE MONKEY (parents Cookies + Cream and Gorilla Glue).

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Kine2b is a newly established company located at 2060 S Broadway, Santa Maria, CA, in the thriving cannabis industry. It’s a fresh name in the rapidly expanding market with a vision to deliver superior quality products to fulfill the growing demand for cannabis-based products. As they are new to the market, multiple aspects of their operations and functionality are still under wraps. You can learn more about Kine2b by following their journey through different social media accounts, which would provide you an essence of their missions, upcoming products, and latest news. Alternatively, you can check the weeddirectory discussion board for any discussions or threads related to Kine2b. Explore this coming player in the cannabis industry and stay updated with their activities.

Maureen GoldbergMaureen Goldberg
19:00 30 Apr 24
Wow! I just came from this branch. I had a wonderful experience. It was so surprising to lines at either the tellers nor the outside atms. A lovely, kind and sweet teller that was patient and helped me in every way possible. Then a manager who stopped when I wanted to compliment the teller. Before today, I have avoided going to a branch, an atm, etc. because of the long lines both inside and out and what seemed like a lack of understanding about customer service especially for senior citizens. This branch has become amazing!
Laura ThompsonLaura Thompson
15:42 04 Apr 24
Bank of America! Do better!My son got an investment from his great grandmother that needed to be cashed out because he now turned 18. Plus if we decide to move there's no way of keeping this without having to come back to California. So he doesn't have a bank account. So I thought I had a bank account that I rarely used and I was on it and that way I can help monitor his money with him and he was all down for it. (My son is autistic so he needs a little help at times) So Monday I went into the bank to have him put on my account and deposit his checks. My payroll goes into a different checking account so this would not mix with his money at all. The next day we noticed in the account that the date on the check to be cleared and changed and there wasn't going to be a small amount that was going to be released early. Then yesterday I went to go on to the account to double check it again, and I couldn't sign on. I couldn't even recover my password. Call the bank and guess what, they're closing the accounts due to a business decision. No reason just because. Now my son had put $6,000 into this account and they're stalling the closure of the account until May 14th. Over a month to close the account and send him his money. How is this legal in any way shape or form to just hold somebody's large amount of money for over a month for no reason whatsoever. Yesterday told me 24 to 48 hours but today and now they're telling me 48 days, WHY? What a way not to earn future customers.
Derek HowardDerek Howard
18:33 07 Feb 23
A business owner this is worst managed bank on the central coast. I could never have a "manager" just walk around and not really help the customers. If they are truly in a management position they should be able to open a teller window, to help get the customers out faster, to be able to get back to their business'.BE BETTER, STOP Blaming people not wanting to work, you are only open for 7 hours a day, m-f.Wish there could be ZERO Stars.***FOLLOW UP*****As you can read from the owner of B of A, they would rather you use machines than pay or even teach humans to be kinder or work with customers. They have the staff to help the customers in the lobby but that staff "can't open a teller window" to help process transactions that cant be done at the ATM or on-line. For example cashing petty cash checks to help run a business.So, once again I ask that you as a corporation BE BETTER FOR your patrons!
I keep getting emails about a positive balance I have on my EDD card. So I thought I’d take the time today and see what’s still on it. The teller was stubborn and condescending when I asked why he couldn’t pull up my account. The emails came from BoA the card was issued through BoA. He insisted on repeating the same line as if that was explaining it to me. Dude gave me a phone number to EDD which ended up being a wild goose chase.After a brief google search, I found that Bank of America card services handles all of that. I was on the phone for less than 5 minutes and got everything handled.So either the teller was improperly trained, or he didn’t want to work so he sent me on a goose chase.Moral of the story, don’t bank with these jaggoffs
Went in for some coins and obviously the side conversations are more important than the service to the client. Teller printed receipt twice and then stood to the side of the other teller to get change and continued conversation like if there wasn't a line of clients needing to get helped. And just to top it off I get called another name, doesn't your screen tell you who I am when I punch my code from inserting my card. Every time I go inside it makes me want to change banks even more.

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