White Truffle Weed Strain– An Elegant Evolution of Gorilla Butter

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White Truffle Weed Strain– An Elegant Evolution of Gorilla Butter 2

Strain: White Truffle (Phenotype of Gorilla Butter)

Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Gorilla Butter (Peanut Butter Breath x Gorilla Glue) Phenotype

THC Content: Estimated between 20%-25%; CBD content typically under 2%

Historical Context

In the vast world of cannabis cultivation, few strains command attention quite like White Truffle. A refined phenotype of the Gorilla Butter family, it’s akin to the crème de la crème in a lineage already brimming with potency and flavor. As if Gorilla Butter’s storied lineage wasn’t elite enough, White Truffle emerges as a testament to nature’s ability to surprise and enthrall.

Appearance & Aesthetics

White Truffle’s buds are artistry incarnate. Large, dense, and wrapped in a crystalline trichome cloak, their pale greens are offset by amber pistils dancing on the surface. The snowy coating, while hinting at its Gorilla ancestry, adds an opulence befitting its truffle moniker.


This strain’s nose offers a multifaceted journey. Opening with the earthy notes characteristic of truffles, it effortlessly transitions into the pungent, slightly sweet undertones passed down from its Gorilla Glue parentage. Intermingled are delicate hints of creamy peanut butter, a nod to its other predecessor, Peanut Butter Breath.

Flavor Profile

White Truffle doesn’t just rest on aromatic laurels. Inhaling it is a gourmet experience – an initial wave of earthy richness is followed by a nutty sweetness. The exhale surprises with a subtle, resinous tang, reminiscent of classic Gorilla strains.

The Experience

A true hybrid, White Truffle weaves the invigorating cerebral effects of sativas with the profound relaxation indicas are celebrated for. Users often report an uplifted mood and heightened creativity, making it suitable for both introspective solo sessions and spirited social gatherings.

Medical Benefits

With a robust THC profile, White Truffle can be particularly effective for those seeking pain relief or battling stress. The initial cerebral rush may also offer solace to those with mood disorders, while the subsequent body calm can assist with muscle tension and restlessness.

Grow Information

Cultivating White Truffle demands patience and expertise. It flourishes best indoors, where conditions like light and humidity can be meticulously controlled. Given its dense bud structure, vigilant pruning is essential to deter mold. With an average flowering time of 9-10 weeks, the yield is moderate but of premium quality, brimming with potency and flavor.

Tips for Shoppers

  1. Potency Awareness: Its robust THC content requires respect. Novices should start low and go slow.
  2. Inquire about Freshness: Always opt for fresher batches to ensure peak flavor and potency.
  3. Storage: Preserve its rich terpene profile by storing White Truffle in a cool, dark place, ideally in airtight containers.
  4. Pairing: Enhance your experience by pairing White Truffle with activities that stimulate the mind or soothe the body, from journaling to gentle yoga.

Staff Thoughts

White Truffle is more than just another cannabis strain – it’s a symbol of botanical brilliance and breeding finesse. Deriving the best from its elite ancestry, it stands tall as a strain that promises—and delivers—an unparalleled cannabis experience. As you embark on your next dispensary visit, ensure that this luxurious gem is at the top of your must-try list.

Remember, always prioritize safety, know your limits, and adhere to your local cannabis regulations.

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